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Since I'm not really attached to the site as much as I was before, I want to give this guy to someone who's going to give him the proper TLC :3 The person that was going to take him ended up trading him back, so he's back up for grabs again!
Crisis Ref (NOT my art!) by TwilitTiger

Proof of ownership here in the T's :3…

Since he was a gift, I won't take money. A trade is possible for something, though really I'm fine just giving it to someone as long as he goes somewhere nice. Maybe to someone who doesn't have a Folk yet? I dunno, we'll see  ^o^ Just comment with trade offers (I'd probably lean more towards art than another character/design) and/or reason you want it and I'll pick someone when there's a nice pool and this has reached out enough.

Good luck to all! Feel free to tell your friends c:
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Hey all, hope you're doing well and will have a great holiday sometime soon! Also, thanks to those who gave me birthday wishes! I'm currently pretty swamped with college work - final exams and projects are killing me @_@ But I'd like to take a couple of minutes during my work break at practically 3AM to put out a little spiel I've been wanting to say:

- I'm probably going to be pretty minimally active on DA for however long my remainder of being on the site lasts. I just feel a big disconnect because most of my time is going to work, homework, and my college career. I can't really have many distractions from my projects because I need to put 100% into them. Whatever I can post will be graphic design work, or personal work. I have a couple of owed pictures to finish up, but that leads me to my next thing.

- Don't be surprised if you get a note or message from me asking to cancel a commission or refund you. I currently just don't have a lot of time, and won't for a while :/ I'm busy with finals until the 18th and will be booked during my whole break, most likely working and saving up for my study abroad that I have to do soon. Next semester, I'm probably going to do an overload with classes, or if not, work at my two jobs quite a bit on top of classes. Gauging from this semester's workload, it will be very exhausting and my free time will be limited. I haven't even done a personal piece at all this semester because I haven't had time. D; My free time lately goes to catching up on my minimal hours of sleep with a few naps, eating, and homework. I really don't have that much time to do much of anything else. I don't even call my parents at home because it passes my mind. Everything passes my mind @__@

So please, if you're reading this and I owe you something (besides BecSparrow 's art trade cause I have that done but have to post it), if you're okay with a refund or cancellation, please let me know! But if you're not, I honestly can't tell you when I'll have free time (the summer is even questionable), so I'm really kinda pleading for a cancellation on almost everything so I can focus on graphic design >__<

- If I ever sell artwork from here on, it will probably be personal art originals or prints (I work at a print shop isn't that neato), and if I ever get to opening commissions, I will probably just market graphic design work to help expand my portfolio - business cards, logos, vector illustrations, etc. If you have any interest in learning about that or getting my opinion of something, feel free to ask! I'm still active enough on here to respond to things. I have a message notifier app on my Chrome, so when I get comments or notes or most anything, I'll know.

I know this may be upsetting to some, but I'm hoping you'll understand. Things are just kind of really overwhelming at the moment and I'm trying to find the best way to deal with things. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to note me if it's personal, or just comment here in general.

I hope you're all doing well! I wish I could be more active, but alas, my 5 minutes a day here is for deleting messages, and that's about it. xD;

Have a happy holiday, and happy New Year!
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Would anyone be interested in seeing the work I do for my graphic design classes as I go throughout our program? I'm just wondering whether or not it would bother people if I posted something kinda totally different from what I usually do. I may or may not create another account for it, though I'm still not sure. It would be nice to have it separate though. Let me know if you're interested!

Also, I apologize for lack of activity and art! My classes and jobs really have me filled to the brim, and any spare time I do have goes to eating, napping (making up for those night I don't sleep D: ), and delving into more graphic design-related things in my own time. Also, I've been so forced into stylizing for logos and stuff that my original style is kinda changing into a mix I don't favor at the moment xD

Hope you all understand! At least, if you're interested in seeing my graphic design work, there will be something posted! :3
  • Listening to: nostalgic 90's/2000's songs
  • Eating: salted pretzel milanos
  • Drinking: tea

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