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Would anyone be interested in seeing the work I do for my graphic design classes as I go throughout our program? I'm just wondering whether or not it would bother people if I posted something kinda totally different from what I usually do. I may or may not create another account for it, though I'm still not sure. It would be nice to have it separate though. Let me know if you're interested!

Also, I apologize for lack of activity and art! My classes and jobs really have me filled to the brim, and any spare time I do have goes to eating, napping (making up for those night I don't sleep D: ), and delving into more graphic design-related things in my own time. Also, I've been so forced into stylizing for logos and stuff that my original style is kinda changing into a mix I don't favor at the moment xD

Hope you all understand! At least, if you're interested in seeing my graphic design work, there will be something posted! :3
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Hope it doesn't sound too out-of-the-blue, but really I've been in this funk for over a month and a half now I think and just haven't spoken up about it. My life aside from the art world has just been a little hectic. My physical and mental energy hasn't been much. I used to be able to stay up til 2 or 3am with no problems, like I was in the beginning of the summer, but lately I've hit this low point where after work (where I've been working extra shifts due to being short-staffed too), I'm just running on no energy and subsequently crash into bed before midnight, which is really unheard of for me, haha. Because of that, I don't have as much work time as I used to, since my art time is always post-work in my own free time.

On top of that, I've had a bad art-block and/or lack of muse. It feels really tolling to work on stuff, be it art or a menial taskmy room is so messy, ugh, and the art hasn't been the best quality either. Can I technically still draw for people? Yes. Would it be satisfactory work? Not so much, and I'd rather not give people I owe art to sub-par work just to knock something off my list. I hope you all understand :( I know it probably sounds like I'm racking off excuses, but I'd rather be up front about why I haven't been productive instead of being vague and just saying things aren't done. I wanted to have all of my owed art done by the time I went back to school, but it looks like the cosmos has decided otherwise. OTL Not sure how long this situation will last, but hopefully my energy will be back by the time I'm back at college (I go back sometime between the 26th and 29th). I need my head and body to be in the right conditions for both commissioned work and all of the graphic design and drawing class homework I'll be getting! No breaks or excuses for not getting things done for art majors. D:

Hope you all understand! I apologize for the inconvenience :C
  • Listening to: nostalgic 90's/2000's songs
  • Eating: salted pretzel milanos
  • Drinking: tea

Master To-do List

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 5:46 PM
This journal was made. IN AMERICA.

Because I have things like frickin' everywhere, on this site, on other sites, and offline that I just can't organize and prioritize in my head e____e Apologies for the tags this is gonna create! Let me know if you should be here and you aren't, but I think I have most people!

Bullet points are my priority scale and based off of traffic lights because I get it most visually \o/

Owed IRL/Offline:
:bulletred: Construction Logo - 50% done, waiting for payment to continue
:bulletyellow: Dorm Door Name cards - Luke/Mike
- potential others but I don't think?? 

Owed on FA:
:bulletgreen: AnkleChain - Nero ref - coloring

Owed on FlightRising:
:bulletyellow: Headshot Commissions sheet 2 - not started

Owed on DA:
:bulletgreen: Angelwolf92 - Okami style commission - working on sketches
:bulletgreen: BecSparrow - Art Trade - Transferring to final paper, close to coloring!
:bulletgreen: Archimages - Last Monster sketch - Almost done!
:bulletgreen: black-eagle-sniper - Bookmark - coloring
:bulletyellow: nyanko-dono - Collab - Have to color
:bulletorange: -HanneDobermann - Collab - Have to color (I'm so sorry it's been 10 years. I haven't forgotten! @__@)

I think that's everything. My front page todo list is a lie :iconlazycryplz:

I'll be switching my art desk to digital mode and finishing the two commissions I owe before swappin' back to the bigger traditional stuff, just so you guys know!

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gorgeous artworks you hve, I especially like your traditional works :)
Yours, Woodswallow
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Room for an art trade 
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